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Judi Rumble

If you want a knowledgeable, patient and reasonable priced teacher Roger is your man. He explained things in such a way that I felt very comfortable and the prices were very reasonable and worth every penny. He also offers free classes for seniors and I am signed up and on the waiting list. I can't wait to participate because he was a teacher of technology at a college and his teachings skills were very evident from the very first minute we started to work together. He is a gem and I would highly recommend him to anyone. I will definitely return in the future.

Judi Rumble

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Our Omaha Branch is closed from 10/11/2021 to 11/15/2021 due to family emergency and shortage in staff. Any questions or concern, please contact us in Council Bluffs branch at 712-256-8686 or email to We are truly sorry for this inconvenient.
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