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Dr. Kay M. Shilling: Experienced Psychiatrist

Offering Psychiatric Medication and Counseling in Omaha, Nebraska and to Iowa and Missouri Residents

Perhaps one of the most complex and most intimate medical fields is psychiatry or the study and treatment of mental and emotional disorders. Psychiatry comes from the two Greek words “psykhe” meaning soul and “iatrikos” meaning medical treatment. In other words, psychiatry can literally mean the treating of the soul. This sets the precedent of how intricate the field of psychiatry is. Not only does it need a brilliant mind to grasp all the necessary concepts and medical terminologies to perform the task but also a gentle heart that will open up the minds and soul of the patients for a better treatment towards healing. Treating mental and emotional disorders can be the most challenging medical cases to solve as the human mind and behavior is eclectic and unpredictable. The treatments can be subtle to progressive, but treatments are always meant to improve and these treatments should only be administered by the best psychiatrists in the industry. For the people in Omaha, Nebraska, Missouri and Iowa, you have Dr. Kay Shilling, MD at your service!

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